Terms and Conditions for the Auction of Promises

1. Hatcham Temple Grove Free School and Friends of the Free School make no warrant or representations of any kind with respect to the items/services sold.

2. All items should ideally be paid for on the night prior to departure. Cash or cheques made payable to Friends of the Free School. Payment can be made during the Auction or at the end of the Auction. If it is not possible to make a payment during the night, payments must be made within 14 days of the winning bid. Bank account details of the Friends of the Free School will be communicated with the winning bidder.

3. Successful bidders will be given a voucher confirming the full contact details of how to claim their item. Please keep this safe as you should present it to the Pledger of the Promise you have paid for. Items that can be collected will be made available on the night. Services and other tangible items must be arranged privately between the buyer and donor.

4. The validity and/or expiry date and any other restrictions will be made clear on the voucher. If you are unclear about any conditions attached to your Pledged Lot, please speak to one of the organisers prior to bidding.

5. Where the Pledged Lot is tangible, it will be displayed on the night where possible.

6. All sales are final and there will be no exchange of goods or refunds involving the school under any circumstances.

Thank you for participation in this fundraising event.